Manual scripting

Integrate your simulations to your CI with a script.

Purpose of this script

This script has the same purpose as the Jenkins, Bamboo or Teamcity plugin. It enables you to launch a FrontLine simulation and display live metrics.

This script doesn’t create a new Gatling FrontLine simulation, you have to create it using the FrontLine Dashboard before.


jq is needed to run this script. It is a JSON processor available for download here.


You need to give 3 parameters to the script:

  • frontLine url: address of your FrontLine, for example:
  • api token: FrontLine API token created with permission All. To fetch the API Token, refer to the section Managing API Tokens in the FrontLine User Guide.
  • simulation id: id of the simulation you want to start. You can get this id on the simulation table, with the icon.


It can be found here

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