FrontLine navigation

Once you are logged in, you are now able to navigate using the FrontLine navigation bar on the left side.


FrontLine is composed of:

  • Profile, manage account settings

  • Users, manage users information, teams and permissions - accessible to system admin

  • Teams, manage teams - accessible to system admin

  • API Tokens, manage token to access the API - accessible to system admin

  • Artifacts, manage simulations artifacts - accessible from test admin

  • Simulations, manage simulations, runs and reports - accessible from test admin

  • Plugins, displaying all plugins downloads links

  • Documentation, displaying all documentation guides, the link to the Swagger for our public API, and samples for your FrontLine tests

  • About, current version of FrontLine and restrictions on simulations, injectors and teams

  • Log out

We are now going to describe in depth each one of these sections.

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