Thanks so much for trying Gatling Cloud. To access Gatling Cloud you can sign up for a free trial plan here or visit https://cloud.gatling.io/ to log in.

To log in, you will need a GitHub account.

If you want to connect with an existing organization, please reach out to a System Admin to join an organization.

Login button

Pressing the Continue with GitHub button will redirect you to GitHub, where you will be asked to authorize the application.

You will need to authorize it. We only require access to your public profile and email address.

OAuth GitHub page

If a System Admin has added you to their organization, should now be logged in.

If you are new to Gatling Cloud, you need to Signup.

OAuth GitHub page

To register your account, fill in the Signup form and click on the Create account button.

You will be redirected to the Organization creation page.

OAuth GitHub page

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