Artifact Configuration

Configure and upload your artifact to FrontLine.


To access the Artifacts section, click on Artifacts in the navbar.

The Simulations view contains all the artifacts you have configured with the given name, team, and filename of uploaded artifact if not empty.

Gatling version of the artifact is displayed in a badge next to the filename.

Artifact table


In order to create a simulation click on the “Create” button in the simulations table.

Artifact creation
  • Name: the name that will appear on the simulations build step.
  • Team: the team which owns the artifact.


Option 1: Manual Upload

In order to fill the artifact with your bundled simulation, click on the icon on the right side of the table.

Artifact upload empty

You can then drag and drop your artifact to filled the form and proceed to upload.

Artifact upload filled

You can upload multiple artifact concurrently, progress can be tracked from anywhere in the application through Uploads in the navbar.

Artifact upload progress button
Artifact upload progress

Option 2: API Upload

You can also upload artifacts programmatically with our REST API.

You’ll need:

  • an API token with at least the Artifacts permission
  • the Artifact’s ID you can copy from the WebUI.

You can then upload your artifact, eg with curl:

curl -X PUT --upload-file <ARTIFACT_LOCAL_PATH> \
  "https://<DOMAIN>/api/public/artifacts/<ARTIFACT_ID>/content?filename=<ARTIFACT_FILE_NAME>" \
  -H "Authorization:<API_TOKEN>"


You can configure the artifact to use on the simulation build step.

Artifact upload filled

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