Public APIs

Usage of the Gatling Enterprise public API

The Gatling Enterprise API server also exposes a public API that you can use to trigger runs or fetch run results and metrics.

We also use this API for our Continuous Integration plugins and our Grafana datasource.

This API is protected with API tokens, which can be generated by your organization’s System Admins through the API Tokens page.

You can access the Swagger documentation using the Swagger API button on the Documentation modal accessible on the navigation bar (bottom left of the screen).

IDs can be retrieved on table either under kebab menu, or on the right of the table:

Simulation copy ID
Run copy ID

Some information before using the public API:

  • You have to provide the run ID as a query parameter to fetch other run metadata (load generators, remotes, hostnames, scenarios, groups, requests)
  • The from and to query parameters for the /series endpoint are the lower and upper timestamp bounds of the time window you want to query. You can fetch the total run time window from the /runs endpoint (injectStart, injectEnd).
  • The returned percentiles by the API are: min, p25, p50, p75, p80, p85, p90, p95, p99, p999, p9999 and max.

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