Manual scripting

Run your Gatling Enterprise simulations from your CI.

Purpose of this script

This script has the same purpose as the Jenkins, Bamboo or Teamcity plugin. It enables you to launch a Gatling Enterprise simulation and display live metrics.

This script doesn’t create a new Gatling Enterprise simulation, you have to create it using the Gatling Enterprise Dashboard before.


jq is needed to run this script. It is a JSON processor available for download here.


You need to give 3 parameters to the script:

  • gatling enterprise url: please enter:
  • api token: The API token will allow the script to authenticate to Gatling Enterprise. The API token needs the Start permission.
  • simulation id: id of the simulation you want to start. You can get this id on the simulation table, with the icon.

The script can be called like this:



It can be found here

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