Bamboo Plugin

Run your Gatling Enterprise simulations from your Bamboo CI.

Purpose of this plugin

This plugin enables you to start a Gatling Enterprise simulation directly from your Bamboo platform. This plugin links a Bamboo job with one Gatling Enterprise simulation.

This plugin doesn’t create a new Gatling Enterprise simulation, you have to create it using the Gatling Enterprise Dashboard before.


To download the plugin, you need to get the jar file located at:

You need to be connected as an administrator of your Bamboo application to install it. Go Bamboo Administration, Manage Apps, Upload app, and choose the jar file.



The plugin needs some global configuration. Go to Administration, then Global variables.

Add two new variables:

  • The first one is named frontline.address, and corresponds to the address of Gatling Enterprise, please enter:
  • The second one is named frontline.apiTokenPassword, and corresponds to the API token needed to authenticate to Gatling Enterprise. The API token needs the Start permission.
Global variable

Job set-up

Job configuration

Add a new build task called Gatling Enterprise. Choose in the Gatling Enterprise Simulation list the simulation you want to use.

Task configuration

This job regularly prints a summary of the run’s current status to the build logs. By default, the summary is printed every 5 seconds the first 12 times (i.e. for the first 60 seconds), and then every 60 seconds. You can configure this behavior (or disable it completely) in the job configuration.

JUnit reporting

You can display the results of the Gatling Enterprise assertions with the JUnit Parser plugin.

Add a new build task called JUnit Parser and fill the Specify custom results directories input with the following line:


JUnit configuration


A new Gatling Enterprise simulation will be started every time the job is run. Check the logs to see the simulation progress. If the simulation ran successfully, it will look like the following:

Console output

Live metrics will be displayed in the console, and in the build summary.


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