Migrating from 3.3 to 3.4


There’s a know issue with headerRegex that forces you to force the parameter to a String when using the predefined HTTP header names constants, eg header(HttpHeaderNames.ContentType.toString, "bar"). Sadly, this is something we’ll only be able to fix in Gatling 3.5.0.


Gatling 3.4 is not binary compatible with previous versions. Any code compiled with a previous version must be recompiled in order to be executed with Gatling 3.4. Changes listed below are only about source compatibility changes.

  • Core:
    • the Session based versions of transform and transformOption were renamed into transformWithSession and transformOptionWithSession.
    • xpath check’s namespaces are now a Map[String, String] instead of a List[(String, String)]
    • Configuration option in gatling.config related to ssl, sockets, and netty were moved around in an effort to share amongst multiple protocol supports, eg MQTT (FrontLine).
  • HTTP:
    • hostNameAliases now takes a Map[String, List[String]] instead of a Map[String, String]