Consulting & Training

Work with us and become a Gatling expert!

Our professional services


Assistance and Outsourcing

Get Gatling's development team on your side! Let us implement your performance testing strategy, enhance your testing processes and integrate Gatling in your continuous delivery pipeline. We can help you with the following items (non-exhaustive list):

- Definition of your performance testing strategy
- Scenarios' scripting
- Scripts' review
- Design of your performance testing campaign
- Analysis of your reports
- Investigation in your environments
- Custom developments (support of a new protocol, new features)
- Gatling's migration


Performance package

We certify your business

Our performance packages are all inclusive, from tests scripting to tests running and reportingHands-on training session are also included to teach you how to do the tests on your own!

Our goal: In a few days, we want you to be able to run simple performance tests and understand your reports.


Your Hotline for your performance tests

Mentoring is like our tailor-made consulting services. We charge per hour. Ask all your questions, let us review your testing scripts and give guidelines and good practices for your performance testing campaign.

Public session


  • 1 attendee
  • 10 attendees max per session
  • Public sessions
2-day training session


  • + travel expenses
  • 5 - 10 attendees max
  • On-site

Standard Training Program

Day 1


Gatling Project History
Gatling's Opinion on Load Testing
Introduction to the Recorder
Simulation & Running


Development Environment
Recording Simulations
Simulation Crafting: Loops, Feeders, Functions, Composition

Day 2


Scala for Gatling part 1
Parsing JSON
Scala for Gatling part 2
Session API
Crafting Request Bodies


Exercices with JSON
Exercices with Request Bodies
Automating with Jenkins

Next Public Sessions

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14 - 15 March 2019


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4 - 5 April 2019


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