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Who said you had to handle all the testing on your own? Join our Community platform today, get the answers to your questions, stay up-to-date with the latest news and make sure your app is ready for success!

With dedicated channels for our Open Source and Enterprise users, the Gatling Community is the best place for you to ask what’s on your mind and get a quick answer from the Gatling team or one of our active users.

Through the Announcements section, you will find updates on every hot Gatling topic such as releases, events, blog posts, webinars, and more.

Our Resources section helps you get the gist of the Gatling solution with its simplified version of our documentation so that your Gatling journey is as smooth as ever.

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Become an expert of Gatling’s load testing tool with the Gatling Academy

From getting started to mastering Gatling, our comprehensive learning platform helps you build your skills every step of the way. Learn how to run your first tests and start load testing different resources such as an eCommerce website or a RESTful API.

Discover our other contents

We help you get better at load testing with detailed tutorials such as “Take Gatling to the next level with Enterprise“, use cases, videos by industry experts and more! New articles are uploaded to our blog section every two weeks covering topics such as Load Testing, CI/CD, or anything related to performance.