Gatling 3 is out

Gatling 3.0.0 is here!

After several public announcements and several release candidates, we are thrilled to tell you today that Gatling 3.0.0 is finally here! Since 3.0.0-RC4, we’ve fixed quite few bugs, please check the release note for more details. The whole Gatling team has put a great deal of work into this new major version, so we hope[…]

Gatling 3.0.0-RC2 is out!

We’ve just released is a new candidate for Gatling 3.0. Please check the milestone on Github for more details. Note that we’ve fixed the case of 2 more methods: asJON becomes asJson and asXML becomes asXml . Thanks a lot to those who provided feedback and reported issues! Please keep them coming! We plan on having 2 more release candidates before going with stable[…]