Gatling User Group @ Criteo – This is tonight!

The Gatling team invites you in Paris to celebrate Gatling’s 1,000,000 downloads! We will talk about Gatling 3 (coming soon), Gatling FrontLine’s roadmap and some news about us! We’d like to thank Criteo ( to let us do this meetup at their Paris office! You can still register here: See you there! The Gatling team

Our massive performance testing campaign for map services

(Loic Ortola during his talk, with a cool dashboard they made for their performance testing campaign) We published a blog post about a crazy project we are doing with JawgMaps and OVH (you can read more about it here: Last Friday, Loic Ortola, JawgMaps’ CTO, held a talk about this very project at the State of[…]

Gatling @ Liferay’s symposium

  2 weeks ago, we were invited to Liferay’s symposium, not to talk about Gatling but to attend a conference about Gatling, and more precisely about Gatling plugin for Liferay.   What is Liferay? You can find more information on their website. But basically it’s an open source portal. The company is very successful since[…]