The Paris Gatling User Group is back! Our last meeting was hosted by Critéo and we needed to find another great venue for this new edition: Station F! Save the date: 4th September, at 7pm!

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We did this talk during the Devoxx 2019 in Paris and it has a huge success! It was full and a lot of people couldn’t attend it. This is why we decided to do it one more time:

Load testing in hostile territory: How to do everything at the last minute and pull it off, by Guillaume Corré, Lead Back-End Developer @ Gatling Corp

This talk will be in French.

How to load test your application when you lack time, machines, money and skills and your go-live is in only 1 week?

Guillaume will talk about how teams face this kind of extreme situations and will provide advice on how to survive in such hostile territory!

This talk is for everyone who deals with web applications: beginners and proficient load testers, developers, testers, entrepreneurs, project managers etc.

We will then have a drink and eat something together!

See you soon!

The Gatling team


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Gatling FrontLine 1.8 is now available for AWS Marketplace users!

You can find Gatling FrontLine 1.8 release note here!

Here is our agenda:

  1. What is new?
  2. Did you know? Support & Free evaluation
  3. Migration guide from 1.7 to 1.8

What is new?

JFrog Artifactory support


Gatling FrontLine is now able to fetch your load testing simulations in your Artifactory repository. You can configure directly in Gatling FrontLine’s interface:


Sonatype Nexus support


Gatling FrontLine is now able to fetch your load testing simulations in your Sonatype Nexus repository. You can configure directly in Gatling FrontLine’s interface:

Enhanced Kubernetes support


Gatling FrontLine now has a Kubernetes and a OpenShift support to deploy your load injectors. You can configure your pre-configured pools of load injectors directly in Gatling FrontLine’s interface:

Jenkins Credentials support


We improved Gatling FrontLine’s integration with Jenkins. We also support integrations with other CI solutions, like Bamboo and TeamCity. If you are using another CI solution, contact us or use our public APIs, documented in Swagger!

Did you know?

Free evaluation

You can now try Gatling FrontLine for free for 5 days! Choose our Continuous Load Testing offer ($3 per hour): it includes a 5-day trial during which you can use your Gatling FrontLine instance for free! Start now:

One way to contact us:

Experiencing an issue with Gatling FrontLine? Contact us now:! Our team will get back to you shortly!

Migration guide from 1.7 to 1.8

If you were using Gatling FrontLine 1.7 in AWS Marketplace before, here are the steps to migrate your instance:

Upgrade instructions

To restore your initial configuration:

  1. Copy your original FrontLine configuration from the file /opt/frontline/conf/frontline.conf

To restore your test data, from your initial instance:

  1. Connect to the instance using SSH
  2. Stop FrontLine by typing sudo service stop frontline
  3. Stop Cassandra by typing sudo service stop cassandra
  4. Cassandra data lives in either /var/lib/cassandra or /var/opt/cassandra depending on your previous version

Then, in the new instance:

  1. Connect to the instance using SSH
  2. Stop FrontLine by typing sudo systemctl stop frontline, as we are now using systemd
  3. Stop Cassandra by typing sudo systemctl stop cassandra
  4. Replace the content of the directory /var/lib/cassandra with the backup you created at the previous step.
  5. Start Cassandra by typing sudo systemctl cassandra start
  6. Start FrontLine by typing sudo systemctl frontline start

Usage instructions

  1. Launch FrontLine via 1-click
  2. Access the application via web browser at http://<EC2_Instance_Public_DNS>
  3. Click on Next to start the automated configuration of FrontLine
  4. Record the username and go to your AWS Console get to Instance ID of the machine hosting FrontLine, then wait for FrontLine to restart, clicking on next again
  5. When prompted for login and password, login using the previously recorded username and password

We hope you will enjoy Gatling FrontLine in AWS Marketplace! Feel free to send your feedback!

The Gatling team

This is it. It has been a few months since we announced that we will release a new website for Gatling, with a new logo, a new design and a new identity. Today is the day!

Some of you had the opportunity to see our new identity at our booth at DevoxxFR or at Vivatech. We got a positive feedback from you. This is why we are thrilled today to finally release our brand new website. We sincerely hope the rest of you will like it.

A new phase in Gatling’s development

2019 is a year of many changes for Gatling.

First of all, we have reached more than 3,000,000 downloads. We can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. Our community is growing more and more every day, all over the world.

Many of you continuously contribute to Gatling, through talks, conferences, blog posts, help on our community mailing list, pull requests or even your feedback. These are really impactful ways to contribute to an open-source project: a huge thanks for everything, it cheers us up and really helps us! Gatling wouldn’t be where it is right now without our community.

Gatling 3 was a major refactoring, including the support of new protocols (like HTTP/2). We also enriched the scripting part with the closed workload model. And much more.

Our team is also growing. Since last September, we have 5 new members in our team and we expect to have 5 more by the end of the year.

This is made possible also thanks to our users who financially support Gatling by subscribing to Gatling FrontLine, Gatling’s Enterprise version: for a couple of years now, Gatling is a self-financing company. We have reached 100 customers so far, across the globe.

Our open-core model makes it possible to continue to work on both solutions and improve them with a dozen of releases each year.

In the following years, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to load testing and offer new tools for web applications’ performances. There is still a lot to do and, more than ever, your support is key in our development.

Let’s continue our journey together!

Paul & Stéphane
Gatling Corp’s founders

The Gatling Team is growing!

Three new members recently joined Gatling:

Thomas Petillot arrived in April just in time for Devoxx France 2019. Thomas comes from Rouen University in Normandy, France and works as a full-stack developer intern at Gatling.

He is currently working on a new feature providing Gatling FrontLine users the possibility to fetch a build easily from repositories such as Nexus and Artifactory.

Since he arrived in Paris, he is desperately looking for the best cheese naan in town. Feel free to contact him if you have any tips!

Pierre Dal-Pra is back! Pierre worked on Gatling before the company was created in 2015. Then he worked at Teads (they are specialized in video advertising online) and Spideo (the app recommends you the best film or tv shows based on your preferences). He will work on Ops and DevOps matters for Gatling.

Pierre is a big reader and a huge fan of dystopias. He will certainly know what to do in case of zombie attacks!

Rémi Curiel just joined Gatling for a 6 months internship. He comes from Kedge Business School in Bordeaux. He just joined Tristan’s sales team to help him deal with our customers.

Rémi likes chicken. A. LOT. He will work with us until the end of the year and then plans to fly to Taipei for his studies.

We wish them a warm welcome!


gatling vivatech 2019

Gatling has just reached more than 3,000,000 downloads!

A huge thanks to all our users for their support over the years! It has been a long road but there is more to come!

Meet us this week at Vivatech in Paris. Our booth #J48-008 is in the AWS Lab!

Vivatech, or Viva Technology, is France’s largest startups’ event. We are thrilled to be part of it.

We are invited by Amazon Web Services. Gatling’s Enterprise version, Gatling FrontLine, is available for a few months now in AWS Marketplace. We just reached 5,000 hours of test in AWS Marketplace. If you want to give it a try, read this blog post!

We are looking forward to meeting you at Vivatech!

Stay tuned!

The Gatling team