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Arnaud Croixmarie

Gatling’s team is growing again and Arnaud Croixmarie is joining our Sales Department. He will be in charge of managing new business, while strengthening and maximizing satisfaction of our current and future customers.
Arnaud will be able to assist you and answer all of  your questions regarding our brand-new packaged offers.

Do not hesitate to reach out to him if you are interested in Gatling FrontLine and Arnaud will set you up for a demonstration!

Arnaud comes from Rennes (well known city for its quite good and large food market). He studied business in France and took a gap year to travel the world and work as a travel agent in Australia. He first started to work as a Sales Representative near Bordeaux for Philip Morris International, and he moved to Paris 3 years ago where he worked as a Market Launch Manager for the same company.

We look forward to benefiting from his expertise in sales! Again, we are really happy to welcome him and we wish him all the best!

Welcome Arnaud!

The Gatling team

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We are very proud to welcome Lamia in our team today!

Lamia Souilah is joining our new Marketing Department. She is in charge of analyzing the load testing industry, improving our user and customer experience, implementing our content strategy and organizing our events (Gatling User Groups, Devoxx, AWS re:Invent, Open Source Summit…).

Feel free to contact her if you want us to write a blog post about a specific topic or if you want us to attend a specific event.

Lamia comes from Bordeaux (worldwide famous for its wine production!). She studied foreign languages and moved to Dublin, Ireland, for a year as a French teacher. She quickly moved to Paris, 5 years ago, where she started working in Marketing for tech companies: a Virtual Reality software editor and, then, Lectra, a software editor and hardware provider for various industries (Fashion, Automative, Furniture).

We look forward to benefiting from her expertise in Marketing and her international background!

Again, we are really happy to welcome her and we wish her all the best!

Welcome Lamia!

The Gatling team