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Load Testing made easy

Load testing can sometimes be tough work. You have to set up your environment, keep the solution up to date, and learn how to use it. And lastly, you are bound to your technical resources to launch simulations. 

With Gatling Enterprise brought in the cloud, you can bypass a lot of technical brakes and start load testing more quickly than ever.

  • No installation or update needed, you will always use the latest version of Gatling Enterprise.
  • Injectors provided – you only buy time credits to use them, thus allocating them as you want. ex: for 20 credits, you could use 1 injector for 20 minutes or 10 injectors for 2 minutes.
  • Connexion everywhere: as long as you have Internet access, the platform is available for you.

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Start load testing

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You can already try cloud load testing by directly login on the platform. Your account will be created with 5 credits, ready for a small load test to discover the features of Gatling Enterprise.

Load testing with Gatling

Gatling is a powerful tool: with only a few machines, you can simulate hundreds of thousands of requests per second on your web application and get high-precision metrics.

At the end of your test, Gatling automatically generates an exhaustive, dynamic and colorful report.

Means and averaged data are not enough: with Gatling, you get proper percentiles of your response times’ distributions. Don’t leave your slowest users behind!

Pricing offers to fit every kind of activity

Cloud load testing allows more flexibility to create offers that can fit your business. If you do load testing only occasionally or if you are part of a big company planning to integrate load testing in your CI/CD process, you can find a plan to fit your use.

That’s possible with our mixed pricing. You choose a plan with access to professional features, completed with an amount of available monthly credits* aligned with injectors use.


**1 credit = 1 minute with 1 load injector
For instance, 2 credits = 2 minutes with 1 load injector or 1 minute with 2 load injectors

3 available plans

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Scout – For occasional load testing
Starting from 69€/mo

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Scale – to load test on a regular basis
Starting from 276€/mo

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Corporate – for large-scale load testing
Starting from 1380€/mo

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