The Gatling team is growing: welcome to Matthew Perry, our new Customer Success Manager!

Who are you, Matthew?

I’m Matthew Perry, unfortunately not Chandler Bing, but the new Customer Success Manager for Gatling. I arrived at Gatling in May.

I am a big football (soccer) fan supporting Manchester United, my entire weekend is made or broken depending on their result – I have a lot of bad weekends! Aside from football, I’m an avid reader, reading mostly fiction, but also History (the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries being my favourite).

I studied sound design in university, and still love recording sounds and playing around with them on Pro Tools. However, when I finished studying I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do so I tried a number of different roles, from tour guiding to events management. Most recently I worked for Nissan in their after sales department and later as their QC for the customer service team.


Why Gatling?

After building report after report, and more spreadsheets than Daniel Bricklin (he invented e-spreadsheets) I wanted to find a role that incorporated these skills as well as client engagement. Customer Success seemed ideal. During the interview process, I met with several members of the Gatling team and very quickly felt that the environment and culture would be a perfect place for me to grow!

I spoke to a few friends who are software engineers and was surprised how well-known Gatling is as a brand. Despite this, the sales team has already made me feel valuable and allowed me to put forward my own ideas. We are growing quickly and I hope to play a part in that continuing!

In 5 words, I would describe my job as “Customer-focused relationship builder and advocate”.🫡🧭🤩

Any Funny Story you’d like to share? 

In my events role in London there were numerous times I was in the general vicinity of the rich and famous. Once at a festival in Sheffield I was walking back stage and a huge hummer was driving in. I was tired and mesmerised by the car, so I stood gawking at it for a few moments before it started beeping and the passenger was making an offensive gesture with one of his fingers. Said passenger was the singer Rag ‘N’ Bone man! 🤣

A coffee buddy?

George Orwell to discuss the current global political state and to find out how accurate he thinks his predictions were and what has surprised him the most.

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