This year, May was synonymous with team building at Gatling, and we decided to make a quick stop near Paris before going back on the road. After a two-day event where we onboarded three new recruits and discussed our favorite topic, Load Testing (yes, we do love it a lot), we headed to three different countries to connect with fellow testers, developers and tech leaders!

Our first stop was London. We visited SaaStr Europa for the first time, an event that brought together SaaS founders and execs. We could not have found a better place for our CEO, Paul-Henri, who was accompanied by Carole and Antoine. It was a great opportunity to connect with tech leaders facing similar challenges as us. We also broadened the horizons of some by introducing them to, you guessed it, load testing. 😏

The next city on our tour was Antwerp, Belgium, where we attended: The EuroSTAR conference – another first for us. The venue was close to the Antwerp Zoo, so close that the team encountered some surprising attendees right at the doors of the event. 🦆It was in this lovely location that testers and developers came together with a common goal: preparing their apps for any traffic peaks.

Last but not least, we concluded our journey in the beautiful south of France with Sunnytech. Theo and Jeremy prepared a special workshop for this event, diving into the comprehension of Load Testing to help attendees stay afloat during traffic peaks. The conference was named ‘Sink Our App,’ echoing the theme of the event, and thanks to the expertise of our talented presenters, the attendees truly sank the app.

As June was a month of firsts, this workshop marked the debut for our two developers, and it was an absolute blast!”

Are you wondering what the next stops are for the Gatling Tour? Here’s some info you might want to read:
> October 2-6: Devoxx BE, Belgium
> November 27th – December 1st: AWS Re:Invent, USA

Meet you there? 🚀

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