The Gatling team is growing: Welcome to Christophe, our new Back-end Developer!


Christophe Mourette

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Christophe. I live near Montpellier and joined Gatling as a backend developer in February 2023.

I installed my first slackware from a 1.44 floppy disk but didn’t completely dive into geek culture. Instead, I was influenced by the DIY movement and craftsmanship. I’m also a huge fan of outdoor activities like hiking, trail running & gravel biking.

Before joining Gatling, I worked as a software developer in various industries with various technologies around the Java Virtual Machine and IOT. I developed a passion for web technologies and distributed applications.

What about your job in Gatling? How would you represent it?

🚀 To represent the power of our solution,
👥 To illustrate our dynamic and collaborative team,
😄 To symbolize my enthusiasm.


Any Funny Story you’d like to share?

On my first day at my first job, I managed to get lost in the office, for an entire day.

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