The Gatling team is growing: welcome to Thibaut, our new Back-end Developer!


Thibaut Profile Picture
Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Thibaut, I’ve been living in Paris for a decade now, but keep my native Burgundy in my roots 🍇

I’ve been a backend developer for Gatling since the beginning of 2023, I’m ready to craft exciting new features and am learning a lot from my fellow teammates.

Building robust tools, smoothly working as the user intends it to, is a real pleasure for me. Consequently, my biggest frustration is when tools are not thought through enough to be used seamlessly by humans. Please, computer, just do the job, and everything will be fine for both of us!

During my spare time (you know, the time spent with humans), I love cooking, reading overt-thought SF novels and spending too much time debating with friends, fueled by nice craft beers.


What did you do before joining Gatling?

Maybe a bit too many different things!

I started as a teacher and an R&D lab manager in my IT school directly after my graduation, working with both students and external companies on AI and HMI innovation projects. After a few years, I switched to the startup world, working on a wine aerator as a full IoT R&D engineer. Breaking, burning and flooding hardware was a real thing at this time!

Then, I paused those tumultuous adventures to rest a bit in the IT service world, discovering the harsh position of being on the service provider side, developing and managing teams at the same time.

Now, I am here, eager to try yet another road!


Any Funny Story you’d like to share?

Well… I’ll just say that sanding and spray painting while sitting on a Paris downtown store canopy, even if it’s made of 3D printed parts and it’s totally part of your job, is really not properly appreciated by everyone.


Why Gatling?

I wanted to learn more in a highly technical and experienced team. I heard about Gatling a bit when it was not a company yet, and knew the technical stack reputation for being as rewarding as its learning curve is steep.

I’m really not disappointed and met really nice people here, so let’s go 🤓

Your job here in 1 GIF, 3 emojis, and 5 words?

It works on my computer 🔥🥲👍

Any last words you’d like to share with the community?

GNU Terry Pratchett 🐢

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