At Gatling, we think tech events are and should always be fun . That’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Javaland, a German event held in a theme park. It was also a good chance to say hello to the German Java community! 

Taking place near Cologne, in Phantasialand, the 2023 edition of Javaland greeted more than 2,000 developers and 160 speakers discussing Java hot topics between two roller coaster rides. Let us assure you, it never got boring! A warm welcome preceded inspiring discussions around load testing with a lot of Gatling enthusiasts. It was also a good time to present the latest Gatling innovations such as our GitHub Actions and GitLab CI integrations. 

We spent 2 days in a festive mood; thanks Javaland for this wonderful experience!

What’s next? Devoxx France from April 12th to 14th! It’s time for Gatling to get back to its roots! We hope to see you there if you’re around!

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