The Gatling team is growing: Welcome to Antoine, our new Chief Revenue Officer!


Antoine Profile Picture

Tell us about yourself.

Hi 👋
I’m Antoine CLEMENDOT, Chief Revenue Officer at Gatling since November 2022, leading the Sales, Pre-Sales, Customer Success, and Professional Services Teams.

I have called many cities home but now live in Paris.

I like new technologies, movies and TV shows, strategy games, and sports in general (I played competitive basketball for 17 years and used to do trail running and triathlons in my youth).
I have been passionate about entrepreneurship since 2014, but I began getting involved in creating businesses and joining start-ups at the end of 2015. Since then, I have mainly focussed on developing my knowledge and skills in Enterprise SaaS.


♥️ ♦️ Before falling into my professional life, I was a “pro” poker player for a long time which allowed me to enjoy my student life to the fullest and finance part of my studies. Now I mostly play cards for fun… ♠️ ♣️


What’s your professional background?

I’m an experienced business developer (> 12 yrs) with a strong focus on driving SaaS Enterprise Sales (for 7 years), progressively moving towards leadership and management roles for Sales and Marketing teams (> 3 years).

My main background is the Finance sector, and Risk management solutions and services as I started my professional career as a Risk management consultant.
From 2016 to 2022, I moved up from a Business Developer to become Head of Sales, Pre-sales, and Marketing in a French start-up selling Risk management software to large companies in Europe and Africa 🙂


Why did you choose Gatling?

I had the opportunity to continue developing in my previous sector – Risk management and Security – or start a new adventure in an unknown territory (I didn’t know anything about load testing, web performance or web app reliability before Gatling) in a fast-paced environment.

I am used to bootstrapping businesses with no brand recognition, in an environment with many competitors.
Gatling is different; the brand is well-known worldwide and we can rely on several assets (the open-source user base, community, Gatling Academy, customers, and users).
What attracted me was the various opportunities for growth in the sales process, tools, coaching opportunities, and the potential for collaboration with marketing, product, and tech leaders. My goal here is to boost Gatling’s growth by creating a strong pipeline, and customer base, and developing the sales team’s skills.

Acting CRO be like 👇
Any last words you’d like to share with the community?

Let’s Test some new things. Succeed as a team. And Iterate for the best.

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