The Gatling team is growing: welcome to Carole, our new Chief Marketing Officer!


profile pic Carole
Tell us about yourself

My name is Carole and I’ve happily been the Gatling CMO since November, 2022. 

I like to think of marketing as follows: a true conversational path to explain and clarify our purpose, to help our clients/prospects to better understand their job and how we interact with them. With respect and empathy.  

In short, I dislike bullshit and people that think they are above everyone when they are in fact under everything.




Why did you choose Gatling?

I like tech and useful things. Gatling is a useful tech solution 🙂 

There is a meaning and a real purpose to address. Our solutions bring measurable value to our client, and this is very important for me. There are so many tech solutions bullshiting the market with a new red magical button never-done-before, it wasn’t easy to find a company like Gatling on the market. 

On top of that, behind the Gatling machine there are real good, funny, experienced, smart and caring people.

 How would you describe your job?
What did you do before Gatling?

I have a strong background in the marketing field and advertising strategy within advertising agencies, advertisers, media, ad tech and e-commerce companies.

Recently, I’ve run ad tech and media companies for 9 years as the CEO or Deputy CEO.

Do you have professional funny stories to share with us?

“Funny” is my day to day way of work. I have too many fun facts, I won’t be able to pick one. 

All I can say is that I found a very high level of Fun within the entire Gatling team.


Any last words you’d like to share with the community?

I’d like to propose to the Gatling community to share all they can and want with us. We are working daily on a product for you, we need your feedback to improve it. 

I promise to share my brownie recipe with anyone providing consistent feedback 🙂

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