The Gatling team is growing: welcome to Jérémy, our new Frontend developer!


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► So, who are you Jérémy?

I’m Jérémy, I live near Montpellier and I joined Gatling as a frontend developer in November 2022.

I’m fond of the HP Lovecraft universe, brutal music, and stupid jokes. My handwriting is terrible, and I’m touchy about it.

Before Gatling, I was a full-stack developer in a nice company that develops expert tools for agriculture. I grew a real interest in front-end technologies there and decided to join Gatling as a front-end developer. My beard isn’t thick enough for the backend anyway.




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What interested you in Gatling?

I was looking for a company with new challenges, new people to learn from, and in a cool domain. Gatling’s name was known to me as I am a former user. When I heard that a former colleague, Bastien, was part of the team, I knew I’d love to work here. I was not mistaken!

My job is all about “Savoir faire, faire, faire savoir.”
Yeah, it’s French but hey, I’m feeling fancy today.



Any Funny Stories or last words you want to share with us?

Years ago, on Halloween, my team and I developed a horrific screamer as an easter egg for the application we worked on back then. It was only meant to stay on our dev environments, but – you guessed it – it found its way to production.

As for the last words: “Victoriae mundis et mundis lacrima.” It doesn’t mean anything, but I feel that’s a good way to conclude.

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