The Gatling crew grows again! Our new recruit of the month is Théo, the latest addition to our dev team.


► Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Theo from Paris, but I live in Toulouse, I’ve been a Software Engineer for Gatling since May 2022.

I love it when the toast falls on the right side. I hate BMW drivers on the left lane who wonder what is the color of my eyes in the mirror. Like… that’s private, mate.





► Your job in 5 words?

I learn a lot (Not to count though).


Why did you choose to become a dev?

Very repulsive to me at first glance, I discovered a deep interest in computer science. It probably mostly comes from the satisfaction one can have when the design you thought of, iterated on and implemented finally works as expected, when all handcrafted pieces work together.

Could have been a woodworker but software engineering was trendier.


By the way, why Gatling? 

I’ve been a software engineer for quite a bit now, after discovering at the Civil Aviation School that planes aren’t that interesting and that UX design is cool but not as cool as writing for loops. I chose Gatling mostly because it checked my 3 search criteria:

  • It’s a small company where one can have a real impact,
  • It has a very benevolent spirit where quality and knowledge sharing are priorities,
  • A new language, and a new paradigm: Functional programming. 


►  Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

Hmm, that would mostly be a mix of bars and mountain activities (climbing, hiking, canyoning) with a hint of scuba diving, and a pinch of soul alienation on LoL.


Anything you’d like to share with the community?

You did not understand Pacific Rim, it’s a great movie.

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