The Gatling team continues to grow! Last month, we started July with a new recruit: Quentin, our very first pre-sale.


► Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Quentin, I come from the Paris area. I joined Gatling as a pre-sales engineer on the 11th of July. 

I find it weird when people take pictures of their food in a restaurant. If I’m not working, you’ll probably find me in the streets of Paris looking for the best burger and Moscow mule.


“Never change, or do. I’m not your boss.”

(not mine, it’s from Troy Barnes, Community)


gif office
► What did you do before Gatling & why did you choose to become a Pre-sales?

I was a software full-stack engineer for the banking industry, specifically on the payment side. I wanted to work differently, to be closer to the customers with still a technical role, to understand how a software sales cycle works, to have a big picture of the customer’s problem, and cooperate with different sectors of the company. 

Here is how I could describe my job to you: 🤓🤝😃. And also like this: 


By the way, why Gatling? 

It’s a French company that makes software! Which facilitates the approach to a challenging technical area ( load-testing). It’s a nice technical challenge and I hope to contribute to the improvement of web stability.

The first time I saw the Gatling team face-to-face was for the company’s birthday party in July. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and the enthusiasm of everyone until very late that evening.



Anything you’d like to share with the community?

I have a good knowledge of financial savings with a patrimonial approach. I also follow web3 very closely, specifically regarding the Ethereum platform.

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