The Gatling team is growing: welcome to Helios, our new UX/UI designer!


Gatling Helios
► Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m Helios, I’m a UX Designer at Gatling since the beginning of April.

I like weird British humor and puns (I mean, my cat’s name is Buster Kitten). If you’re looking for me outside work, you’ll find me either playing video games or watching spooky movies.


“When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME User Experience or… SUX?””

(Billy Gregory, Senior Accessibility Engineer)





Why did you choose to become a UI/UX manager?

I love solving problems, and I never assume anything when it comes to how people think, UX seemed like a great place to do this! From a broader perspective, I want to help all users accomplish their goals, regardless of the complexity of their tasks. 

Basically, my job could be described like this 👉





Gatling work session
What were you doing before Gatling and why did you choose this new adventure? 

I originally come from the video game industry. I studied Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics, both from a video game and a web design point of view. I also spent a lot of time working and studying accessibility, because in my mind UX should be about all users.

I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of load testing before Gatling, but as a UX Designer, it’s always a great challenge to create and improve SaaS products! Also, I loved the idea of helping create a UX culture within the company!

The best bonus point ever: people at Gatling are the sweetest, always willing to help and collaborate!



Anything you’d like to share with the community?

I’m always looking for feedback regarding Gatling products! If we ever have a video call together, there is a great chance that you’ll see my cat jumping in front of my camera.

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