This month, we traveled East for two new trade shows based around Java: Jax in Mainz (Germany) and Jfokus in Stockholm (Sweden). Let’s take a closer look at what happened there 👇

JFOKUS, Sweden

From May 3rd to May 4th, we attended the Jfokus trade show in Stockholm. The event started on a musical note, followed by the annual keynote. We continued our day by exploring the event and exchanging with other attendees regarding web performance issues and our cloud and on-premise solutions.

It was a great pleasure to meet so many attendees from different backgrounds and our fellow IT professionals.

image jfokus sweden gatling 2022

The thing is, we lost our Gatling t-shirts there. If you found the box with these precious items, hold on to it for us: we’ll come back next year for it!

JAX, Germany

Same day, different location. 

Jax was an interesting experience where we shared our load testing tips and tricks with the Java community. We spent three days in good company.

Kudos to Arnaud, Gatling’s Sales Manager, who is not only a load testing specialist but also the fastest man at Gatling (and apparently the whole JAX conference)! Yes, he won the JAX running cup and the official JAX sneakers 🙌 


Next month, we’re going a little further than Germany: North America we are ready! 

We hope to see you during the Collision in Toronto for World Music Day. 

The Gatling crew is also staying close to home with the Dublin Tech Summit, starting on June 15th.

We are preparing a lottery for you with a chance to win great gifts, don’t miss out!
Stay tuned to the Gatling Community space and share your feedback with US!

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