We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Asmae Benali.

She is a 21 year old Masters student from the Toulouse business school, currently in a gap year doing her internships.

Asmae’s favorite hobby is drawing, she is a self-taught artist who runs art pages on twitter and instagram for fun.

Want to see some of her work? Here we go!

Fan Art Asmae 4
Spiderman fan-art because we love Spiderman.
Fan Art Asmae 3
Typical fan-art of Japanese Highschoolers with uniforms taking the bus to school.
Fan Art Asmae 2
Fan-art inspired by a dress for Dita Von Teese.
Fan Art Asmae
Fallen angel in my artstyle.

Asmae’s role in Gatling:
Asmae works with Asis as a business development intern, she joined Gatling in February 2022, in order to pursue leads and move them through the sales cycle.

Welcome Asmae!