The event season has finally started!

We were thrilled to see you for the AWS Summit Paris and the Devoxx France, where we could exchange and talk about our favorite topic: your load testing performances. 👇


We spent an intense day at the AWS Summit Paris, where we met some of you and got a chance to answer your questions! Our team, led by our CEO, was more than happy to talk with you and demonstrate our load testing tool on the AWS Marketplace.

Whether you were there to see the best booth of the event (objectively, of course) or learn more about what we could build together for your web application, we hope we met your expectations! 

You also were able to meet Emma, the Gatling teammate behind the booth organization! If you are one of the lucky Gatling contest winners, you can thank her 😉

Gatling Event AWS Summit Paris 2022
Gatling Event Devoxx France 2022


The following week, we gathered around one of the best trade shows for developers in France: Devoxx. The Gatling team spent three whole days there with the other 70 participants. What a pleasure it was to meet new people and come across friendly faces. 

On Friday, we had the privilege to listen to a talk about Spring Web Flux migration led by Mathilde Lorrain and Hugo Caupert, and how the Gatling tool was important in their load testing development.  

Devoxx France was celebrating its 10th birthday this year. For the occasion, the Devoxx crew shared with us a behind the scenes look of the trade show, how it grew over the past decade, and concluded with a happy birthday song on the scene! 

Thank you for this edition!


We are traveling abroad in May; our passports are ready! 

We will meet you for two trade shows: JAX in Maize, and jfokus in Stockholm.

You may already know this, but just in case: our CTO, Stéphane, will take the lead on a special talk about load testing at JAX on May 4th! 

Hope to see you at one of these events: we will wait for you with our Gatling goodies! 

Don’t forget to stay tuned to the Gatling Community space and share your feedback with US!

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