You’ve built an application or website, got your first users and it’s ready to scale. That’s amazing!  Congratulations! 

Now is the perfect time to start performance testing your product to make sure that you can handle the demand and traffic that you’re going to start experiencing and fix any existing issues that you might not have noticed that could lead to slower performance and lower customer satisfaction.

We have many articles in our blog already to help you get started including:

We’ve also got the Gatling Academy to help teach you best practices with step by step lessons on how to use Gatling to record user scenarios and create different scripts.

This article instead will focus on the Enterprise versions of Gatling and how to choose the right version for your needs. 

When should I start using Gatling Enterprise vs Open Source?

Gatling in its Open Source form is a great start and a powerful load testing tool that allows you to script your tests and run one-shot tests from a single load injector.  However, Gatling Enterprise supercharges the Gatling experience by allowing you to keep a history of your runs, view advanced reports, view trends, use additional injectors (to increase load), collaborate with teammates, use distributed testing (to simulate actual world traffic), implement with CI/CD tools, automate your testing and more.  If any of the above features are relevant to you it’s time to consider upgrading to Gatling Enterprise.

OK, I need Gatling Enterprise, which version is right for me?

This is a question that we get all the time and the answer is: “It depends on your needs”. Below we have a list of a few questions for you to help you choose which version of Gatling Enterprise is right for you.

What are your testing requirements?

While both versions of Gatling Enterprise can fit most needs and testing requirements the licensing for them is very different.

Enterprise Cloud allows you to create unlimited simulations to run your tests.  From there, you can choose your plan to determine the amount of testing time you need, as pricing is based on the number of injector minutes you need monthly, teammates you’d like to collaborate with, and injectors you want to use.

Enterprise Self Hosted allows unlimited testing time and licensing is based on the number of simulations, injectors and teams (one team can have unlimited users) you’d like to have on your account.

Check out our pricing page to see the different tiers we offer in each and find the right plan for you.

Does your application have a public endpoint?

Enterprise Cloud can be used to test any application with a public endpoint (that is hosted online).  If you’re using a CDN or a firewall a dedicated IP can be used to access the endpoint.  

However, if your application is hosted internally, Enterprise Self Hosted is the right version of Gatling for you as you can use locally hosted injectors to test your locally hosted applications.

Also we released a new feature: Private Locations. It allows you to use your own locally hosted load generators to produce the simulated traffic that occurs during a Gatling simulation.


What are your security requirements?

Enterprise Cloud stores all of its data securely in the cloud. For most applications this should work. However, if your company requires that all data be stored on site Gatling Self Hosted is the right solution for you.

Is your team local or distributed?

Enterprise Cloud is hosted online so it can be accessed by distributed teams from anywhere around the world.  If you’re a full remote team and want to have members from the US and Europe accessing the same instance from any machine, Cloud is a great way to stay connected.

Enterprise Self Hosted can also be used by distributed teams but may need to be accessed through a RDP to connect to the local instance.

What’s your timeline?

Do you have an urgent need to start testing your application quickly?  Is it October and you’ve not started preparing for Black Friday?  Enterprise Cloud takes just minutes to set up. Enterprise Cloud uses online AWS injectors so there is no injector setup required. If you’re on a tight timeline and need to start testing quickly you can create your Cloud account, choose your plan and start testing today.

What is your budget?

Both Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Self Hosted have plans available to meet most budgets. However if you’re just starting load testing and looking to scale up over time you can get started with an Enterprise Cloud Scout Plan for as little as 69€/month on an annual plan.

I’m still not sure…

That’s OK!  We’re here to help. Just get in touch with our sales team.  We’re happy to supply our knowledge and experience to help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Send a quick email to and we’ll go over your needs and requirements and help you choose the right plan to suit your needs.

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