It’s been really busy this summer for Gatling. Whether we’re preparing for future events or launching our SaaS product we’ve been working every day to get bigger and better. As Gatling’s projects keep growing, so does our team! This summer saw 5 new members join our load testing crew. We are proud to have them and we’d love to introduce them to you.




Dev team – Welcome to Raymond!



What would a load testing solution be without great developers to back it up? Raymond joined our tech team to strengthen our SaaS product development.

There is a lot to work on and his expertise is much needed and appreciated.







Sales team – Please your customer you must!







Since June, our customers can count on the support of Delphine and Pete, our new customer success managers.

They’re here to answer your questions, provide helpful tips and strategy, and work with you to ensure your success with whichever Gatling platform you choose.







On the other side of Sales, we’ve also welcomed Asis, in charge of business development.

He’s here to bring Gatling to the companies that need it the most and help them find the best way for us to work together.









Marketing team – Hi Yoann



Last but not least is your humble marketing servant, the one writing this blog post.  I arrived in June as Gatling’s digital marketing manager, and I handle Gatling’s digital side. I’ll be in touch through social media and email.


Our team is constantly growing and looking for great talent. If you’re interested, look at our open positions on Welcome to the Jungle.

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