We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Maia Fontaine Leonard as Gatling’s new Head of Sales.

Prior to joining Gatling, Maia worked at Sinequa, where she was instrumental in developing and executing the go-to-market strategy, as she led the North America Business Development Team.

Before that, she oversaw Sales and Marketing at Reality AI, where she successfully increased MRR by 600%.Thriving in fast-paced startups, Maia is excited to share her experience with Gatling’s sales and marketing teams to contribute to our transition from a traditional software editor business to a SaaS business, from fast growth to hyper-growth and from startup to scale-up.

On a personal note, Maia is passionate about music which she studied from an early age. She also loves discovering new cultures through travel and is hoping to advance her skills in Kitesurfing.

She is always open to connect and will be happy to provide further information on our offers. You can reach out directly at mfontaine@gatling.io

Welcome Maia!