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Gatling 3.3.0 and Gatling FrontLine 1.9.0 are out!

A huge thanks to our open-source contributors and to our Gatling Frontline customers for all their feature requests and feedback!

If you wish to evaluate gatling FrontLine, feel free to apply there:

What’s new in Gatling 3.3.0?



Most interesting items are:

  • Fixed Java 13 compatibility
  • Revamping of incrementUsersPerSec and incrementConcurrentUsers so they can be chained with other steps
  • Gatling Expression Language ${ escaping
  • Dynamic getCookie#withDomain value
  • Possibility to configure soKeepAlive

Please check the full release note for more details.

Also please note that we’ve released gatling-maven-plugin 3.0.4 and gatling-sbt 3.1.0.

What’s new in Gatling FrontLine 1.9.0?



Kubernetes & OpenShift supports



We’ve improved our existing support for the deployment of load injectors as Kubernetes or OpenShift pods. We now support routing traffic between Gatling FrontLine and the pods respectively through Ingresses and Routes.

High-scale load testing


We improved our clustering mode for large-distributed tests, involving 50-100 load injectors.

Sources and Binaries repositories revamping

Repositories are now centralized so you no longer have to duplicate configuration in each simulation.

Git now has a dedicated configuration, with https cloning first grade support, including credentials encrypted storage.

More info in our release note, check it out:


We are looking forward to getting your feedback!

The Gatling team

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