This is it. It has been a few months since we announced that we will release a new website for Gatling, with a new logo, a new design and a new identity. Today is the day!

Some of you had the opportunity to see our new identity at our booth at DevoxxFR or at Vivatech. We got a positive feedback from you. This is why we are thrilled today to finally release our brand new website. We sincerely hope the rest of you will like it.

A new phase in Gatling’s development

2019 is a year of many changes for Gatling.

First of all, we have reached more than 3,000,000 downloads. We can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. Our community is growing more and more every day, all over the world.

Many of you continuously contribute to Gatling, through talks, conferences, blog posts, help on our community mailing list, pull requests or even your feedback. These are really impactful ways to contribute to an open-source project: a huge thanks for everything, it cheers us up and really helps us! Gatling wouldn’t be where it is right now without our community.

Gatling 3 was a major refactoring, including the support of new protocols (like HTTP/2). We also enriched the scripting part with the closed workload model. And much more.

Our team is also growing. Since last September, we have 5 new members in our team and we expect to have 5 more by the end of the year.

This is made possible also thanks to our users who financially support Gatling by subscribing to Gatling FrontLine, Gatling’s Enterprise version: for a couple of years now, Gatling is a self-financing company. We have reached 100 customers so far, across the globe.

Our open-core model makes it possible to continue to work on both solutions and improve them with a dozen of releases each year.

In the following years, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to load testing and offer new tools for web applications’ performances. There is still a lot to do and, more than ever, your support is key in our development.

Let’s continue our journey together!

Paul & Stéphane
Gatling Corp’s founders

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