One week ago, we went to Devoxx France. Here is a short recap of our highlights during this event!

First of all, we would like to thank the entire Devoxx team. It has been a great 2019 edition! See you next year for the 2020 edition!

What happened in the past year?

We were delighted to meet our community again one year after our first participation in DevoxxFR 2018.

Last year, we had a small booth in the startup area. It was a great 2018 highlight for us, though. We decided this year to get to the next level: We were very proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the 2019 edition!

Since the 2018 edition, we have released Gatling 3, Gatling’s latest major version.

Regarding Gatling Enterprise, it is now available in AWS Marketplace. Many new features, in terms of reporting and integrations, were also released in the past 12 months.

We made more than 200 demos! It was a pleasure to show what we are working on and get your feedback.

Gatling’s new identity

We are currently in the process of changing our logo and design. More than seven years after Gatling’s first stable release and almost four years after Gatling Corp’s creation, we thought it was time to make some changes!

To celebrate our new design, we offered our users tee shirts, stickers, coasters, and power banks! And, also, five days of free load testing in AWS Marketplace!

Our new website will be published soon! Stay tuned!

“Load testing in hostile territory”

Guillaume Corré, our lead DevOps, talked about “Load testing in hostile territory: How to do everything at the last minute and pull it off”.

Many people contact us, saying they neither have the time nor resources to do load testing. It is, unfortunately, a common situation. There are, however, quick-win strategies that you can implement. This talk will guide you through all the steps of these strategies.

You can find Guillaume’s slides here and the resources in this repo.

The video is coming soon!

Many people couldn’t attend the conference because the room was packed. Guillaume plans to do this talk again this year. Stay tuned! We will keep you updated.

Again, a huge thanks to the Devoxx team and our users, and see you next year!

The Gatling team

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