We’ve just released is a new candidate for Gatling 3.0.

Please check the milestone on Github for more details. Note that we’ve fixed the case of 2 more methods: asJON becomes asJson and asXML becomes asXml .

Thanks a lot to those who provided feedback and reported issues! Please keep them coming!

We plan on having 2 more release candidates before going with stable release.

Stephane for the Gatling team

We are thrilled to announce that we just released the first release candidate of Gatling 3! 4 years after the release of Gatling 2, all the Gatling team is really proud to present you this new major version of Gatling! We need you to use and test it as much as you can before we release the stable version. But first, let’s have a look at what Gatling 3 includes!

Why Gatling 3

We’re bringing new exciting features and major internals refactoring, such as:

All in all, lots of Gatling internals have changed, so it was natural to go with a new major release.
A major release was also the chance to fix some annoying consistency issues in the Gatling DSL, such as some injection profiles using during while others are using over, or some keywords not using proper camel case names, eg baseURL.

All those new features will be detailed in upcoming posts.


For most users, migration should be pretty straightforward: mostly renaming methods and fixing feeder paths.
The exception is WebSocket users as Gatling WebSocket support is completely different.

Make sure to read the migration guide for how to adapt your existing code, and the what’s new page for how to make the best use of the new features.

Release Candidates: We Need You!

We plan on having one release candidate per week during one month.

We’ve released Gatling 3.0.0-RC1 last Monday.

If Gatling matters to you and your organization, now’s your last chance to check the changes, raise your opinion and provide feedback. Once the stable release is out, it will be too late and Gatling DSL and behavior won’t change for a long time.

We need you! And we need you now!

Stephane for the Gatling team

Today, we are very proud to welcome Tristan, who joined our the Gatling team yesterday!

Tristan is the first employee to join us since we joined Station F last month (Station F is the world’s largest campus, based in Paris).

After working for 5 years in the Fintech industry and 1 year in Artificial Intelligence, Tristan decided to join Gatling as a Sales Manager. He will be in charge of our enterprise offers, including our professional services and our Enterprise Version Gatling FrontLine.

And, by the way, feel free to contact him about consulting and/or Gatling FrontLine, he will be thrilled to answer all your questions: tmeneret@gatling.io

It is a big step for the Gatling team! Stay tuned, we have many more exciting news to come!

Welcome, Tristan!

Paul for the Gatling team