Dear users,


Since the beginning of the Gatling project (it all started back in 2011, the first stable release was in January 2012!), no day ever seems to be the same! 2017 was a tremendous year and we would like to share with you our successes, our doubts and our hopes for the future.

But first of all, we wish you a happy new year, full of success and performance. We can’t say it enough: a huge thanks for your support, for spreading the word about Gatling, for the conferences, for the blog posts, for the tweets… It really helps the project grow and it motivates us to continue!


2017: the year when we have reached 1 million downloads!


We have indeed reached 1 million cumulated downloads in November (almost 85,000 downloads that month!). It is a great achievement for our community who encourages the adoption of Gatling in more than 100 countries, within all types of organizations (from startups to large groups)!

We will celebrate this with you in 2018: we will organize events in different countries in order to meet you and thank you in person! Stay tuned! If you’d like to give us a hand tor organize this type of events in your area, feel free to contact us! Any kind of help would be much appreciated!


2017: the year of Gatling FrontLine


When we created a dedicated company, Gatling Corp, for Gatling 2 years ago (July 1st, 2015), we spent a lot of time thinking about a way this project could grow over the years.

Switching from a part-time project to a full-time company is a bit of a challenge. Making this project financially sustainable met the growing demand in our (also growing!) community for more visibility on the future of our project.

Our only concern was not to jeopardize our open-source identity. Many people we met asked us why. For us, it is pretty obvious! Having an active community is a real competitive advantage: we fix bugs faster, we benefit from contributions, from feedback, and – most of all – our community has an active role in evangelizing all over the world.

Performance testing is still a topic that many companies tend to leave aside, because they lack time, money and/or knowledge.

This is how we came up with Gatling FrontLine: we created a backend for Gatling, including advanced Enterprise features. This way, we could continue to develop our open-source project, intensify our R&D efforts in new areas (like reporting) and grow our team.

2017 was not only a turning point for our open-source solution that has reached 1 million downloads, but also for our Enterprise Version, Gatling FrontLine, adopted by several companies in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Norway and Finland. This is only the beginning!


2018: a new tremendous year!


In order to face the growing demand for Gatling FrontLine and professional services, we need to take our company to the next level. Stay tuned, a lot of things is going to happen really soon! If you’d like to join our project, become a partner or give us a hand, get in touch with us!


Again, on behalf of the Gatling team, I wish you a happy new year full of performance and success!


Chief Operating Officer @ Gatling Corp