ovh summit2

Brace yourselves! OVH, Jawgmaps and Gatling have been working together on a top secret experiment to run the biggest performance test of OpenStreetMap maps ever.

The results from this collaboration will be massive, so if you are in the neighborhood be sure to come see Loïc Ortola present our findings at the OVH Summit in Paris, France, on October 11. You can also meet us this Friday at the State of the Map 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, on September 23.

French (Tech) Connection

The three companies share a lot in common: a love for tech, based in France, and global ambitions!

Together, we are building something special for you.

The biggest performance test of maps for web applications… and Zombies

So, what does the biggest performance test of OpenStreetMap maps have to do with zombies? Everything, of course! We don’t want to give away all of the details right now (it’s a top secret project after all), but for a better idea of what is in store watch this video:

Dying to find out more?

For the moment we are keeping our cards close to the chest, but come see us on October 11th at the OVH summit and we’ll tell you more about the project! If you can’t make it, don’t worry, stay tuned to this channel and we promise to keep you in the loop. In the meantime, be sure to check out the full program of the OVH Summit and the SOTM.

See you soon!

OVH, Jawgmaps & Gatling