Liferay symposium paris mai juin 2016

2 weeks ago, we were invited to Liferay’s symposium, not to talk about Gatling but to attend a conference about Gatling, and more precisely about Gatling plugin for Liferay.

What is Liferay? You can find more information on their website. But basically it’s an open source portal. The company is very successful since its creation. Its solution is mentioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals. And no investor funding was needed. Well, what more could you ask for?


Gatling plugin for Liferay: test your portal’s performance


The Gatling plugin was made by a French company, Altendis, Liferay’s Training partner in France for many years. We know them pretty well, since they are working in the same building as we do, near Paris. They decided to design a plugin that scan your portal and produce your testing scenario. You can then investigate your portal’s performance bottlenecks.

If you are using Liferay, have a look at it and feel free to send us some feedback! We will continue to improve this plugin and create a module for Liferay DXP (for “Digital Experience Platform”), Liferay’s brand-new solution. This year is really a turning point for them. And for us too.

Gatling Plugin liferay(Screenshot of Gatling Plugin for Liferay)


Download Gatling plugin here:


Gatling FrontLine at Liferay’s symposium: will you scale?

As many of you may already know, we just released our enterprise extension, Gatling FrontLine. Gatling FrontLine comes as a result of 2 years of Research and Development and of a broad consultation of the users who contacted us. We will tell a bit more about it in a few days on this very blog. Stay tuned!

Anyway, Liferay was intrigued by what we were developing for 2 years now and took a look at it. One of their developer, Huage Chen (@bear_chen) tried it and made a conference about it, called “Real-world performance tuning”. The next day, dozens of people came to our booth during the symposium to have their own demo of Gatling FrontLine. It was huge for us.


Huage Chen talk Real world performance tuning(Huage Chen’s talk “Real-world performance tuning”)


Watch Huage’s talk (in French):
For an exclusive demo in English, contact us at


A new partnership between Liferay and Gatling: be part of it!

We had the opportunity to talk with Bryan Cheung, Liferay’s CEO, who took time to listen to our story and gave us some advice for the future.

This is when we came up with this idea: to offer a one-year licence for Gatling FrontLine to every Liferay’s customer. Excellence is one of Liferay’s core value. We will do our best to help Liferay’s users improve their portal’s performance.

Contact us to get your free Gatling FrontLine licence:


Gatling for liferay(Gatling’s booth at Liferay’s symposium)


Let’s continue together!


We want to share this with our users, who actively give us feedback on our community mailing list and contribute to Gatling: if we are known worldwide today and if a great company like Liferay did speak about us, it is thanks to you.


We’d like to thank also Liferay for giving us the opportunity to talk about our solution and for their trust.


It’s only the beginning for us, let’s hope Gatling will continue to grow much more!


Thanks. May the perf be with you.


The Gatling team

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