“Spray your web application with Gatling!” by @Juan__Wolf (21 October 2015), check it out!


The Gatling Team


Le Bon Coin invites us for the first meetup of our Paris User Group! Save the Date: 25th November

Le Bon Coin is the French leader for classified advertisements (like Craigslist).

Stéphane Landelle, Gatling’s creator and CEO, is going to talk about Gatling, its applications and its future. This meetup group is open to everyone, feel free to suggest your own talk!

To attend this meetup: http://www.meetup.com/fr/Gatling-User-Group-Paris/events/223787992/

See you there!

The Gatling Team


Gatling is in New York City! Join our new User Group and meet the community:


A huge thanks to ADP Innovation Lab for hosting the first session. Stéphane Landelle, Gatling’s creator and CEO, will do the first talk.

See you there!

The Gatling Team


Since 2012, our community is growing more and more. Today, Gatling has been downloaded almost 200,000 times. We thank you for making this possible. You are many to contribute to the project and ask questions on our Google Group. This would not habe been possible without you. So again, thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Many things have changed in 3 years. Gatling has become a company with 5 full-time employees. eBusiness Information – a French IT consulting firm with +100 Java EE and Scala developers – is funding us since the very beginning. We’d like to thank them too for believing in this project.

A new era

Gatling is facing today exciting challenges. HTTP/2 will be one of them. We will talk about it in a dedicated post. Besides, some of you – actually more and more! – contact us to help them run testing campaigns or develop custom features. Our professional support offers are meant to guarantee you a high level of services from our development team. When you purchase our professional services, you contribute to our open source project. This is a goal that is of high importance for us: Gatling is open source, and always will be.

Get on board!

Today, we give you the opportunity to have an insight in our solution’s development. We will share with some critical information about our development, about the new features coming up, about our events etc. You will also have the opportunity to share with us information that we will post in this blog.

We still have great things to do with you. And it starts now.

See you soon!

The Gatling team