Developer Guidelines

Code Style

The Gatling code style follows the Scala Style Guide.

As Gatling uses Scalariform as part of the SBT build, you don’t need to worry about formatting the code : running sbt compile will format the code automatically.


All Gatling tests use ScalaTest.

A few helpers are provided for testing actors or some of Gatling’s APIs:


BaseSpec must be used on every test, as it sets out the structure and commons helpers for Gatling tests


When tests involves Gatling’s Validation API, ValidationValues provides helpers that allows to match on the Validation‘s result.

Example: ELSpec


ActorSupport is meant to be used when Akka actors are to be involved in the test.

ActorSupport relies on Akka’s TestKit (documentation here).

Example: PaceSpec


HttpSpec allows to configure and expose a simple Netty server that Gatling can make HTTP requests against.

HttpSpec also exposes methods to assert that requests were indeed made to the server.

Example: HttpIntegrationSpec